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Keirita's Yoga & SCUBA diving on Koh Lipe

Welcome to Keirita's Yoga in the Andaman Sea in Thailand! We draw from a complementary mix of varying yoga styles which are primarily Ashtanga based. All classes are small and personal, average class size is 2 to 8 people. Private classes are also available on request for 2,000 baht. As we don't offer regimented retreat-style packages everyone has plenty of free time for all the activities that both islands have to offer. Be it snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking, cookery courses or massage. The most popular activity on both islands is of course SCUBA diving.

Yoga is most complementary to diving. The focus on breathing in yoga helps with developing a steady, calm state of mind both during the yoga practice & while SCUBA diving. It aids certified divers in improving their air consumption and benefits new divers in adjusting to the new sensation of breathing underwater. This makes SCUBA diving a more familiar and less intimidating experience for those who have not tried it before. Mastery of the breath results in diving becoming a graceful, and weightless moving meditation in the silent underwater world.

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