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Richeleau-Rock-ReefKoh Lipe has some of the most outstanding reefs & spectacular scenery in the Andaman Sea. With diving possible year round, the numerous islands of the Butang archipelago offer an abundance of diverse marine life no matter when you choose to visit, although for optimum diving conditions we recommend choosing your actual dive dates around the half moon period in any month as then you will have the least current & usually the better visibility as a result. You can check  those dates here.

Keira’s privately guided diving trips & courses offer comfort, flexibility & individual attention during your diving experience on Koh Lipe. All dive trips are on a private boat which ensures the option to take absolute beginners to safe & compatible dive sites in accordance with their ability & can take more experiences divers to the more challenging sites should they so choose.

Inclusions : . All trips & courses include Private instruction by Keira, all PADI materials, PADI certification fees, Scuba diving equipment, lunch, fresh fruit, tea & coffee & water. A full set of equipment includes mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, Reg & wetsuit if you choose to wear one. Diving computers can be rented for 400baht per day should you choose to wear one. All rates are per person. 

 Receive a 10% discount on below rates when diving between June 10th & October 10th 2019

Dive computers are not included & can be rented for 400baht per day. Scroll down for the different diving options.


1 DAY FUN DIVING ( 2 dives)  :  

3,500baht pp + the 200baht marine park fee (MPF applicable in high season only)

Fun dives are for certified divers, so for those who hold a valid diving license & have dived relatively recently, in the last year or so. The 2 open water dives include all inclusions listed above. Should you have your own set of equipment you can take 500baht off the above price. A full set of equipment is mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, Reg & 3mm shortie wetsuit. Water temperatures range from 27 to 30 degrees year round.



4,000baht pp + 200baht marine park fee. (MPF applicable in high season only)

The scuba review option is for certified divers who already hold a  diving license but have not dived in the last year or two, or for those certified divers who have dived recently but still do not feel very comfortable underwater.  This refresher scuba diving program begins at 10am until about 4 or 4:30 pm. The morning begins with a review of the scuba tune up paper (a multiple choice paper) to see which diving details you may have forgotten. Then a reintroduction to your scuba equipment on how to assemble & disassemble your gear so you can become familiar with everything once again. This is followed by a briefing on the basic skills that we will refresh in the shallow water such as regulator  clearing & recovery, buoyancy, mask clearing & how to descend & ascend from the dives safely.  These exercises will be practiced in water shallow enough in which to stand up while you become comfortable with being back in the water.

The confined water training dive will be followed by an open water dive. After the shallow training dive you will feel much more comfortable & confidant underwater on the open water dive thus allowing you a  longer dive. As you will be relaxed this improves air consumption & thereby extends bottom time. A detailed briefing will be given with a review of the entry & exit techniques, communication procedures, hand signals, air signals etc, and standard diving procedures, emergency procedures ie. missing buddy, or out of air scenario & a review of what we are likely to see. After we will log your dives.  After the first dive we will break for lunch & then complete your second dive in the afternoon. This program includes your scuba diving equipment, lunch, fresh fruit, water, tea & coffee & private instruction by Keira.



4,200 baht pp + 200baht marine park fee (applicable in high season only)

This diving experience is suitable for those without a scuba diving license who wish to try diving to see if they would like it without having to commit to the full course. This introduction to scuba diving experience takes about 5 to 6 hours. Starting at 10am, the morning begins with a short introduction to diving video before a short theory session & your first confined water training dive. This is conducted in just 1 to 2 meters of water initially, so shallow enough in which you can stand up if necessary when learning the basic diving skills. Once the skills are completed then you will have time to continue on to your first open water dive. This gives you time to become accustomed to being comfortable with the scuba equipment & breathing underwater before we take you deeper. In the the shallow water you will learn to master three basic scuba skills. 1. Clearing the regulator ( what you breath through ) of water 2. Clearing your mask of a little water. 3. Removing the regulator from your mouth, discarding it, finding it again & replacing it in your mouth & clearing it. By mastering these basic skills you will gain confidence which will enable you to become comfortable simply being, breathing & moving under the water. There will be a break for lunch which is then followed by the 2nd open water dive to maximum depth of 12 meters. Prices include your scuba diving equipment, lunch, fresh fruit, tea & coffee & water & private instruction by Keira. 



The full PADI OPEN WATER course is 14,900baht pp + 200 baht pp marine park fee (MPF applicable in high season only)  Please allow 3.5 to 4 days to complete this course.

Suitable for those who do not already hold a scuba diving license but who can swim & are comfortable in the water & have no medical issues which are not compatible with scuba diving.

This course requires two 6 hour days (10am to 4pm) of theory & classroom sessions in the mornings with a break for lunch & 2 afternoons of confined water training dives off the beach.  The following two days consist of completing your 4 PADI open water dives (the first two open water dives of your PADI course will be to a maximum depth of 12 meters. The last two open water dives can be to a maximum depth of 18 meters. (This is the maximum depth that your open water license will allow you upon completion of your PADI open water course) Earlier start times are possible should you prefer. 

This course includes private instruction by Keira, all PADI materials, PADI certification fees, Scuba diving equipment, lunch, fresh fruit, tea & coffee & water. A full set of equipment includes mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, Reg & wetsuit if you choose to wear one.

There are two basic swimming tests to complete, a 200 meter swim & a 10 minute float before you can start the course. You must also fill in a medical form to see if you are fit for diving. You can review this medical form here. should you have any issues on there which ar not compatible with diving then you will need to consult you doctor before beginning the course .



12,900baht per person + the 200 baht marine park fee. (MPF applicable in high season only) Please allow 2.5 to 3 days to complete this course.

This course is suitable for those already holding a diving license from any diving organization. This course consists of 5 dives and will allow you to dive to maximum depth of 30 meters upon certification. 

There are two required dives which are navigation & deep. The other 3 you can choose from. We strongly recommend peak performance buoyancy (PPB) which upon completion will enable you to have far greater control in the water and will in turn improve your air consumption as a result. I also recommend drift diving which will prepare you for diving in currents & difficult conditions elsewhere.

Other choices are Naturalist, AWARE fish ID, Boat & Photography.  For underwater photography please bring your own underwater camera or go pro. If you do not have one you can rent one for 1,000 baht for the day. 

All courses are small, personal & with private instruction by Keira. Maximum 2 people per course unless otherwise requested by your particular booking. Diving computers can be rented for 400baht per day. If you have all of you own equipment then you can receive a 500baht discount on all the above rates. 


Koh Lipe and all the surrounding islands are protected as National Marine Park. There are limited vehicles (only motorbike taxis) on the islands and everything is within a comfortable walking distance. Due to Lipe’s marine park status there is a (marine park entry fee) of 200baht applicable to all people arriving to Lipe. It is payable at the marine park desk in Pak bara pier or at the marine park office on Lipe if arriving from Langkawi. You must keep this ticket for the duration of your stay.

 Should you wish to go scuba diving then an additional marine park (scuba diving fee) of 200baht per person per 3 consecutive days diving. It is required by all scuba diving centers. Both fees are applicable only during the high season between October & May.

For detailed information on diving on Koh Lipe / Koh Taratau or if you have any questions then contact Keira directly via email at You can also see our customer yoga and diving reviews on the Keiritas Yoga tripadvisor page.

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