Keirita's Yoga & Diving

Schedule & Rates

Please note that Keirita’s yoga & diving is closed for holidays. Classes will resume on the 14th of October 2019. The high season schedule is listed below. 

6:30am (beach class)

8:00am & 17:00pm (studio classes)

The new 6:30am Sunrise yoga class is held on the deck of the JK massage located directly on Sunrise beach & overlooking the sea. 

1 drop-in class is 400baht

3 class package is 1,000baht                                                                                 

7 class package is 2,100baht                                                                                                 

1 week unlimited pass (20 classes) is 5,000baht (250baht per class if taking 3 per day)

Private individual & group classes are available upon request. (private class is 75minutes)

A private individual class is 1,300baht. For each additional person add 200baht. 


Class descriptions 

6:30am Sunrise Beach class (Level 1 / 2) Modified primary, Non traditional Ashtanga vinyasa based slow flow (1 day Advance booking & 200baht deposit required)

You can choose to stop by the studio either at 16:30pm or 18:30pm 1 day beforehand to confirm attendance or if you prefer to pay online then deposits can also be made via 

8:00am Studio class (Level 1 / 2)  Half primary, traditional Ashtanga class. Suitable for beginners. 1 day advance booking & 200baht deposit required.

17:00 pm Studio class (Level 2 /3)  Mixed levels, Modifications for advanced postures are provided to cater for any beginners.(Rocket inspired Ashtanga Vinyasa flow 75 mins) No deposit required but please advise of your attendance if possible.

For the studio & beach locations click on the link below. It is just a 5 to 6 minute minute walk between the two locations,+Ko+Tarutao,+Mueang+Satun+District,+Satun/Keirita’s+Yoga+%26+Scuba+Diving,+316+Moo+7+Koh+Sarai+sub+district+Satun,+Koh+Lipe+-+Langkawi+Island,+Awana+Pier+Tambol+Sarai,+Amphor+Muang+91110,+Tambon+Ko+Tarutao,+Koh+Lipe+Island,+Chang+Wat+Satun+91000/@6.4888514,99.3065719,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x304c04cef509c81d:0xbd168d90a00c73ca!2m2!1d99.3100652!2d6.4882008!1m5!1m1!1s0x304c04b5e1916df3:0x3d282caa9e8412e!2m2!1d99.307456!2d6.4892!3e2

Important High Season Notice!

As High season is  busy time period then please advise of your attendance when possible.  Prebookings can be made just 1 or more days beforehand either via Whats App, Facebook Messaging, Instagrame messaging, Viber or text to +66 87 622 5938 or by email to The morning class requires a deposit so please prebook when possible.

If you have an overwhelming schedule & find you are unable to prebook then it is possible to show up & if there is space we will accommodate you. 

Prebookings : in the high season this is to ensure your space in class, in the low season it is to advise you of any potential schedule changes or class cancellations as the season winds down.  Should you be running late to class… late arrivals & walk ins are accepted provided there is space, however if possible then please arrive around 5 minutes before class starts to give yourself ample time to settle down, relax or use the restroom before the class begins.  Studio doors open 15 minutes before the scheduled class time. There is a restroom in the studio & a foot tap outside the main door to rinse sand from your feet. Please enter the studio with clean feet & wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. You should not eat breakfast before the morning classes & you should eat lunch at least 2 hours before the evening session. Bring a small bottle of water should you get thirsty during your practice. Towels are not provided & not really necessary but should you like to wipe your brow during class then feel free to bring along a small hand towel or face cloth. Mats are provided free of charge in all classes but if you have your own then please bring it along.

The 8:00am & the 17:00pm classes are held inside the Keirita’s Yoga Studio located in Lipe’s town center just between the The Ricci House Hotel & Reef Resort. You can view the class locations on google maps. The JK Blue massage deck is just a 5 minute walk to the Keirita’s yoga studio. It is directly in the middle of Sunrise beach next to the Gypsy resort.

The 6:30am yoga class is held on the JK Blue Massage deck overlooking Sunrise beach with views of Langakawi & Koh Tarutau. You can book this class directly at the JK Blue massage or Keirita’s yoga studio or you can send your payment online via

The Yoga Classes are mixed levels Ashtanga Vinyasa based & suitable for beginners & advanced practitioners.  All evening classes are 75 minutes long.  All morning classes are 60 minutes.

All the yoga classes are small and personal (average class size is 2 – 8 people) 


Level 1* – Suitable for absolute beginners or mixed levels. Class is based on the half primary series with a focus on breath & alignment in the more basic asanas.

Level 2** – Suitable for mixed levels but a little faster paced, familiarity with Yoga & moderate physical health is helpful. A more traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa flow class. (modified primary)

Level 3 *** – Suitable for those familiar with the yoga practice & in reasonable physical condition. A slow flow class which can include inversions such as shoulder, head, hand & forearm stands. Modifications for all advanced postures are offered for any beginners.

The Keiritas Yoga studio is conveniently located between the Reef Resort & the Ricci House Hotel. It is a convenient and central location on the street running parallel to The Walking street. It has easy access on foot or by taxi from all the various beaches of Lipe. Should you be staying further away from the studio then you can book a taxi to take you to class. It is a flat fee of just 50 baht per person. 

Keirita’s Yoga Studio
316 Moo 7 Tambon Koh Sarai,
Amphur Muang,
Ko Lipe, Satun 91110

+66 87 622 5938