Help For Strays

Your attendance in class helps save lives…

Sometimes we need to take a moment to just step back and try to focus and learn to appreciate all that we actually have. It’s in these moments of looking back and finding clarity that helps us to find more meaning in our lives. When we realise in the grand scheme of things that we actually have so much and are lucky enough to be in a position to “give back” to society in some small simple ways. Either giving of ourselves, in our time and energy or in giving monetarily through donations, or simply giving by making more ethical choices in our daily lives.

To start 2019 off the right way Keirita’s Yoga will be donating 10% of all yoga class profits to The ” Help 4 strays ” Non profit organisation here in Koh Lipe.

You too can give back simply by attending yoga classes or by volunteering in the animal shelter during your holiday.
It’s also possible to help support this project by staying or eating in the Sunflower guesthouse and restaurant which is located nearby (a little less than a 10 minute walk) to the Keirita’s Yoga studio.

The Sunflower guesthouse and restaurant on Koh Lipe opened its doors in December 2018.
A truly ambitious project which set out to create a business that will in time hopefully fully support Koh Lipe’s first and only animal resceue center and clinic. Similar in concept to the Time for lime restaurant and cooking school in Koh Lanta which fully supports the Lanta Animal Welfare center there. The Sunflower guesthouse in Koh Lipe hopes to do the same.

The Sunflower guesthouse and restaurant is now up and running since December 2018 but there is still much work and fundraising to do. The animals in care are currently being housed in some of the rooms originally built for guests while the land put aside for building the Koh Lipe’s first and only animal rescue center is still being cleared for construction. There is always need for volunteers to help with feeding or walking or simply spending time with the animals in care, should you have time over your holiday. Or… if you do not have any spare time then please consider staying there or simply eating and drinking in on site restaurant and bar thereby directly supporting this great cause. Nobody has done more for the homeless and (as well as the cared for) animal populations of Koh Lipe than the help for strays organization has. With yearly sterilisation clinics being organised over the last 4 years. Help for strays also orgsnised a 7 week ongoing clinic to treat all the TVT (transmissable venereal disease) infected dogs on Koh Lipe. In 2014 there were at least 30 cases of TVT. Some cases in the affected stages causing truly horrific indescribable mutilations to the genetalia of the animals causing extreme pain and and suffering which is more than disturbing too see.

This was a huge project involving several vets being flown in from Bangkok and Phuket and several volunteers to be available every Sunday Monday and Tuesday to drive around to find and catch all the infected dogs for their chemotherapy treatment and then return them to their territories. This was no easy undertaking as you can imagine. However after 7 weeks of this tireless work the all cases of TVT had been treated and all the dogs cured of their horrific cancerous tumors.

Again if you would like to show you’re support of this noble and worthwhile cause then please consider staying in the Sunflower Guesthouse and attending yoga class in Keirita’s Yoga.

If you would like to make a direct donation to the organisation then you can click on the link below.

Help 4 Strays

Your attendance in class helps save lives