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Yoga is the disciplining of the body, the mind and emotions and should be approached with concentration and awareness. Breathing is vital in yoga, the inhalation expands, lengthens and helps upward movement. It is used to lift out of a posture. The exhalation releases tension and helps downward movement. It is used to relax into a posture.

You should take stock of how you feel and note how your breath comes and goes, and nothing should be rushed. Nor should you compare yourself to anyone in class. Yoga is not competitive, it is about discovering your own body and yourself. The compatibility of yoga and scuba cannot be underestimated. The focus on the breath and the approaching of both activities with calmness and concentration helps in the realization that diving is simply another means of moving meditation. 

Anyone can benefit from Yoga. Initially you may be stiff and wonder how you will ever manage a forward bend. The answer is you must only do as much as your body allows. In quite a short time and with regular practice you will find yourself becoming more supple. Things you found impossible in your first class come more within your grasp.

The postures not only work to tone and reshape the outside of the body, they work on the endocrine system also stimulating the internal organs and revitalising the nervous system. 

As yoga and diving are complementary, should you be interested in a diving and yoga package with Keira, please contact me for more information. You can read our customer reviews for Keiritas yoga on Koh Lipe on tripadvisor here and for Keiritas yoga on Phi Phi here. While you can still read our wonderful reviews on the Phi Phi classes please note that classes are no longer operating there. The Phi Phi operation has permanently moved to Koh Lipe now. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

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